Saturday, 14 November 2015

Paris and Beirut

I've just read about attacks in Beirut where 40 people were killed on Thursday. People of all cultures and faiths need to unite against the atrocities in Paris and Beirut in search of practical solutions that are aimed at minimising loss of life. This means seeking more openly to understand the rise of ISIS and the hold it has especially amongst a small element of young Muslims across the globe. What we see is not a clash of civilisations between Islam and the west. The vast majority of Muslims both in the west and elsewhere are as opposed as anyone else to what has happened. They are of course also more often the victims of ISIS atrocities than non-Muslims. Various media need to amplify that voice of opposition to violence within Islam. It isn't quiet, it just isn't sufficiently the focus of media attention. We all need to work more than ever before beyond how we imagine the boundaries of faith and culture towards cultures of mutuality. We need to marginalise all tendencies towards violence whether from militant Salafism or from Islamophobes.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Do come along to the Philosophy Festival at Conway Hall on 21st November.  See the Philosophy Now website for more details.  I will be speaking about my book 'Judging Religion'.  Can we reach a balanced view in judging religion or is that quite beyond us? Whatever your views come and join in the debate.

I will also feature in the balloon debate, a hotly contested event to decide which philosopher can best convince you through argument, persuasion and determination of the value of their cause.

Come along also to Cafe Philo at the French Institute in South Kensington on December 5th to hear some of my students from St. Dunstan's College speak about philosophical issues of their choice.

Looking further ahead I am teaching a course entitled Philosophies of Modern Life at the London School of Philosophy in the Summer Term 2016.  To sign up go to the London School of Philosophy website.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Radio broadcast

On October 4th I will also be involved in a debate with some of my students about ethics on Resonance FM from 8pm until 9pm.  I already appeared on Resonance FM in May in a debate with Pete Worley from The Philosophy Shop.

Between Dawkins and God article

My article Between Dawkins and God is published this September 2011, in Philosophy Now. I welcome comment on this article.